Let Social Media Boost the Cuban Economy


Sarah Odessa Blow

Cuban entrepreneurs who recognize the value social media plays in their small business development are using sites like Trip Advisor and AirBnB. Since the government has given them permission to operate in Cuba, businesses can list their products for potential tourists to view.

Due to restricted infrastructure, accessing the internet to create a listing on TripAdvisor or AirBnB is extremely difficult, which means business owners have to go to lengthy extents purchasing VPNs, traveling long distances etc., to connect to the web.

Dr. Joseph L. Scarpaci, Executive Director at the Center for the Study of Cuban Culture and Economy, argues that these social media platforms are helping Cubans get around restricted internet access, business regulations, and a general inability to communicate with potential customers domestically and internationally. Scarpaci says,

Today, with the advent of Internet sites like Trip Advisor, some Cuban entrepreneurs are attempting to overcome these obstacles using social media that is hosted on servers located abroad.”



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