Profª. Dr. Roberta Muramatsu participated as a lecturer representing the Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom at the 34th World Conference of Liberty International in Puerto Rico.


Between August 8 and 12, the Liberty International World Conference took place in Puerto Rico, and the Cento Mackenzie of Economic Freedom was represented by Profª. Dr. Roberta Muramatsu where he gave a lecture about financing the presidential campaign of 2014, relations of compadrio and corruption as perverse consequences of the Brazilian environment with little economic freedom.

What is Liberty International?

ü Organization founded in 1969 to bring freedom to all corners of the world by building a global network to promote teaching, research and debate / extension through conferences, camps and courses

ü Liberty International was responsible for the first movement for Freedom in Eastern Europe, before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

ü The view that the prosperous world respects individual freedoms in open and competitive economic systems with private property, voluntary exchanges and free trade.