Professors Vladimir Fernandes Maciel (CMLE coordinator) and Rodrigo Prando participate in a Mises-Brazil podcast with Bruno Garschagen - dealing with the Mackenzie Index of Economic Freedom and postgraduate studies in Liberal Economic Schools


For decades, Brazil lacked an Index of Economic Freedom like the one produced and launched by the Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom, Mackenzie University (São Paulo).


The survey showed an interesting and, for many, certainly surprising panorama. Of the 27 states of the federation analyzed in the index, the three most free states are Mato Grosso do Sul, Pernambuco and Santa Catarina. The three less free states are Amapá, Sergipe and Acre. São Paulo, which could be at the top by the degree of economic development, ranked 5th. And Rio de Janeiro occupied the 23rd place, position that placed the state in the group of the six least lives of the country.


Coordinator of the Mackenzie Center for Economic Freedom, Professor Vladimir Fernandes Maciel spoke on the reasons that explain the favorable and unfavorable positions of Brazilian states, such as the weight of local governments, and spoke about the methodology adopted.


In this Podcast we also talk about the postgraduate "Liberal Economic Schools" that will be offered by Mackenzie University and that will have as part of the curriculum the Austrian School of Economics. Who talked about the course and the disciplines was Professor Rodrigo Brando, pedagogical responsible for the graduate.


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