Repercussion of the Mackenzie Index of State Economic Freedom - interview of researcher Ulisses Ruiz de Gamboa: "Why is the state with the greatest economic freedom not in the Southeast?"


Ranking was elaborated by the Index Mackenzie, that analyzed indicators of all the federative units of Brazil.

If you are planning to start a business in Brazil, one of the factors to consider in pursuit of success is the state where the investment will be made, as the Mackenzie Index of State Economic Freedom 2017 (IMLEE) points out. And, unlike most people may think, the best place is not in the Southeast: it is in Mato Grosso do Sul that public policies most favor the prosperity of the enterprises.


The indicator measures how the policies of the federative units were able to support economic freedom in 2015 - that is, the possibility for citizens to act in the business field without much government interference, contributing to the growth of the economy. The performance of each state was calculated by an average that integrates public spending, taxation, and the labor market, with scores ranging from zero (less freedom) to ten (more freedom). IMLEE followed the methodology used by the Fraser Institute of Canada to rank the countries of North America.


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